Debbie Kupinsky
Eden? Gallery ViewEden? Gallery View 2The Lost and the NewThe Lost and the New, DetailEternity 1Eternity 2Eternity 1, DetailInterior BoundaryInterior Boundary continuedInterior Boundary, DetailInterior Boundary, DetailInterior Boundary, DetailKeepsake 1Keepsake 2Keepsake 2, Detail
This work explores the tension between images of bloom, fertility and newness with the fears of mortality, memory and longing. The imagery is drawn from my explorations into the idea of a flawed Eden where we are at the mercy of time.

The garden blooms with bright flowers, but contains the cast off objects of memory and meaning, a reminder that the objects endure while we do not. The doll like figures, disjointed parts of the body, clocks and sentimental objects are the symbolic images for our mortality and longing. They come together to imply the metaphorical space of completeness that each of us constructs individually. The intention is to create a space that can engage a viewer on multiple levels, both visually and intellectually.